Yuri Orlow - Classical homeopath

Parkwood - Gold Coast

New service to our clients

I have decided to introduce new service, which is the direct sale of products I believe will be of great benefit to you. Bellow are three electronic devises, which are designed to protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation electronic devises emit.

In time I will add new products as they come to hand.

Omega WiFi
Provides router or laptop microwave protection. With a wireless router, create a field of protection throughout your home.

Quantum Cell
The best mobile phone protection available today. Revolutionary technology transforms your cell phone into a protective device. A must buy for your mobile phone.

Scalar Home Protection
I offer number of new products to purchase. The range of EarthCalm in full. Bellow is the EarthCalm home system for the whole house. Only one is required for protection of the complete house wiring.

Omega WiFi Quantum Cell Scalar Home Protection







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