Yuri Orlow - Classical Homeopath

Parkwood - Gold Coast

About Yuri Orlow

I was born in 1955, in Adelaide - South Australia, to Russian immigrants.  Whilst studying law, I met my now wife, Heike, who was training to be a teacher and soon afterwards she turned to teaching as a career.  We then went on to teach in both city and bush schools in South Australia and the Northern Territory, which included traditional Aboriginal localities.
Heike and I returned to Adelaide in 1984 and trained as Naturopath, specializing in Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy.  Our teachers were Robert Beheit and Stefan Talmatzky, European - trained Homeopaths.  I was treating homeopathically according to the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann since 1986.  I also lectured college students in homoeopathy, nutrition, physiology and clinical practice. Since graduating I maintain close collegiate association with Stefan, consulting with him on a regular basis regarding difficult cases and many aspects of homoeopathy.
Heike continued to develop her teaching expertise to include the entire range of schooling, from pre-school through to senior college students as a lecturer including nutrition and herbal medicine, and has specialized in teaching and supporting students with disabilities, including autistic spectrum disorder, for the last 14 years.
We live in Parkwood, on the Gold Coast, Queensland and have two daughters, Kira and Eva.

My teachers were:

Robert Beheit

Robert Beheit trained in Paris as a homoeopath, a pharmacist, and a homoeopathic pharmacist.  He also studied acupuncture, and owned and operated a homoeopathic pharmacy as well as practicing both homoeopathy and acupuncture.  Robert’s knowledge of homoeopathic philosophy, pharmacy and materia medica were of an extremely high standard, and combined with his superb teaching abilities, were fundamental in our training.  Robert, unfortunately, passed away several years ago.  We are eternally grateful to have known him and experienced his teachings.frangipany

Stefan Talmatzky

Stefan Talmatzky trained in Munich as a classical archaeologist, then as a heilpraktiker, or traditional natural physician, and homoeopath. 
His main teacher in homoeopathy was Dr. Otto Eichelberger, (1918 – 2005) who was one of the most respected and skillful homoeopaths in Germany, and a student of Jost Kunzli von Fimmelsberg, a world-class Swiss homoeopath.  Dr. Eichelberger was founder and honorary chairman of The German Society for Classical Homoeopathy and instrumental in the revival of Classical Hahnemannian Homoeopathy in Germany and Europe from the 1970s onwards.
Another influential teacher was Dr. Adolf Voegeli, (1898 – 1993) a leading Swiss homoeopath and one of the pioneers in the use of the Q (LM) potencies.

Stefan Talmatzky on Internet

Stefan’s vast expertise in homoeopathic history and philosophy, his extremely high levels of clinical case-taking and management, his in-depth knowledge and experience of repertorisation - which involves the complex task of locating an appropriate remedy based on acquired patient information using an established symptom databank – as well as his great passion for healing all combined to provide us with a genuine teacher of Classical Hahnemannian Homoeopathy.

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